Saturday, January 9, 2010

Upward Basketball

Do y'all have Upward Basketball in your area? What a FANTASIC organization!!! Wally is in first grade this year and it's his first opportunity to play with the program. Upward is a Christian-based program that emphasizes character, sportsmanship, positive attitudes, and Christlikeness.

It is unbelievably organized. There are 9 kids on each team, three 6-minute periods in each half, and each kid wears a colored wristband that matches the colored wristband of a kid on the opposing team. The kids are matched up by size/skill level and are only allowed to guard THAT kid. It keeps things very fair. Each child plays 3 of the 6 quarters, and after the game is over they meet in their "team room" for prayer, snacks, and awards. Each child is given an award at the end of each game for things like effort, baskets made, Christlikeness, and sportsmanship.

We really enjoyed watching Wally play and have a good time. He ended up getting the effort award!

I am thankful for team sports and I'm enjoying this phase of parenting! :)

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