Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's always something...

Ward and I have been trying for some time to accumulate an emergency fund, a vacation fund, and a good savings account. When I was working, it seemed we always had plenty of money, and since we thought I'd always be working, we shaped our lifestyle around that and didn't put much thought into savings. If we wanted something, we bought it, and if we wanted to take a 3-day trip nearby, we went. We thought we could always start saving "someday".

Even thought we're not broke, it often times feels like we're living paycheck to paycheck and keep telling ourselves we're very close to being able to pay down some debt and start saving. For the past few months, we've been waiting to get to January 15th, because that was when Ward started receiving his quarterly bonuses. We knew we'd be ok if we could just make it to that date. Well, that day came, and the very next day our water pipes busted outside (got way too cold here) and it cost $1200 to have them fixed. Just one week later, our lamp has gone out in our projection TV and it is costing $125 to replace it.

Again, we are back down to square one just like that. It's so frustrating, but we are praying that we can get back on track and eventually start saving more.

What do you do when you get the "no money blues?"

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