Thursday, January 7, 2010

DVR Guilt

About 5 years ago, when we first had the capability to record TV, I never gave it a second thought. Why would I need to record it, I can just watch it when it comes on? Then the kids got a little older and I got so busy I started missing my favorite shows. So, I started recording one or two here and there, but only when I knew I couldn't watch.

Then someone at work mentioned they watch all the Food Network shows before the go to bed and I can they watch all those shows that came on during the DAY? Then it dawned on me...I can watch shows I've never watched before or haven't watched in years and watch them whenever I feel like it!!! I started out taping The Young and the Restless, Oprah, Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Dawson's Creek re-runs, etc. Then it got out of control. I added Laguna Beach, Trading Spaces, 7th Heaven, Friends reruns, etc. It got to the point where I'd have 100 hours of shows and I knew I'd never watch any of them. So I quit taping reruns and oldies and just saved my DVR for today's shows that I wanted to watch, but didn't have time for.

Now my DVR only has:
The Young and the Restless
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Brothers and Sisters
Desperate Housewives
Men of a Certain Age
The Office

Here's the problem...I now have 96 hours of those shows recorded and I can't bare to erase anything. I am completely caught up on The Office and Desperate Housewives, but I have 2 episodes of Men of a Certain Age, 11 Brothers and Sisters, 9 Private Practice, 11 Grey's Anatomy, and 63 Young and the Restless.

I feel GUILTY every time I turn it on and see all of those shows stacked up. When am I ever going to have time to watch them? So I end up sacrificing sleep and some housework just to get them watched so I can clear my list a little bit. But then, each day, new shows just keep piling on. I'm secretly hoping some of my shows will end this season, just so I don't have to record them next season!

Do you feel "guilty" when you don't watch all the shows you record? Is this a sickness? :)

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