Friday, January 15, 2010


Wally loves Legos and he has found a friend that loves them as well. They were in K5 together last year and saw each other at the baseball park this summer, but Wally's never mentioned him much as a friend he plays with at school. Until now. Now that his little friend, we'll call him "Eddie", has admitted to getting a few Lego sets for Christmas as well, Wally is all about having him over.

I wrote his mom a note last week and we have set up a play date for this afternoon. I'm serving lunch at the school today, and then I'll bring Eddie home with us afterschool. Before we go home, since it's going to be 60 degrees here today, I'm taking them to a big park on the lake here. Then we'll come home and have pizza and brownies for dinner, and then Ward is going to take Wally, Beaver, and Eddie to the batting cages.

I think I'll be exhausted by the time the night is over, but it's nice to be in that phase of parenting where you get to watch your children play with their friends one on one. I think Beaver's still a little bit young to set up a playdate, but at least Wally let's him play with his friends. He really is the best big brother ever!

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