Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is it time to go RVing?

Ward and I have been talking about getting a pop-up camper or a travel trailer for some time. We first started looking around February of 2008, when I first learned I was losing my job. It was odd to be looking to spend money when our income was going to decrease, but it's something we researched pretty heavily.

I will say, when you go to see these things in person, it's very tempting to buy. They are nice and cozy and look like big "forts". We ultimately decided to buy a big tent instead and start there. We reasoned that if we used the tent enough and really enjoyed camping, we could always upgrade. Unfortunately, our tent is now almost 2 years old, and except for putting it up in the backyard about 3 times, we've never used it.

We decided that the kids were too young that first summer since Beaver was only three, so we were going to wait until this past summer of 2009 to get started. Well, it rained the ENTIRE month of June, so that was out, and on top of that we had to make up all of our baseball games in July so that month was out, too. Then August came and we had to go back to school. We planned to go camping in the fall, but we got overwhelmed with Cub Scouts, Fall baseball, church activities, carnivals, etc. and didn't make it out there.

We are determined to dive into our family hobby whole-heartedly this spring and summer and discussions of a travel trailer have come up again.

We're going to look this weekend!

Do you have a travel trailer? If so, what has been your experience with it

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