Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chick Lit

I have always said "I love to read" and considered myself an avid reader. But over the last few years with raising young boys and working, I hadn't really been reading as much as I had wanted, and in fact, last year I only read 4 books for the whole year.

For the past two years, my mother has really gotten into making her own library at home (hardcovers only) and has spent a considerable amount of time collecting all of the works of particular authors. She has an appreciation for biographies, medical mysteries, and a few classics, but for the most part, she really enjoys "ChickLit", and I do, too. We are suckers for things like "The Devil Wears Prada", "The Shopaholic" books, anything by Jennifer Weiner, and Janet Evanivich's "Numbers" series.

While creating her own collection, she decided to start one for me, and I was surprised with over 100 books these last two Christmases. I have all of them neatly lined up by author and I am desperate to dive into them. I made a New Year's resolution to read 2 of these books a week so I can be finished by next Christmas. Next Christmas my mom will buy me all of the books that my favorite authors came out with in 2010, so I'll probably end up with another 20 or so to start 2011, not to mention the books I randomly pick up throughout the year at garage sales that I never seem to get the chance to read.

Right now I'm working on "Deep Dish" by Mary Kay Andrews and "Slummy Mummy" by Fiona Neill. I should finish them both by Thursday night and then I'll start two new ones on Friday..."Bitter is the New Black" by Jen Lancaster and "Blue Christmas" by Mary Kay Andrews. What are your favorite Chick Lit books?

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