Friday, January 8, 2010

Rushing the Seasons

I love all of the seasons where we live because we actually get to enjoy each season in it's fullest. We have a cold winter (with a little snow) a BEAUTIFUL Spring, a hot summer, and a crisp fall. I love when the weather changes every 3-4 months and look forward to each new season. I especially love fall and spring.

For us, fall represents the end of a long hot summer, football games, the county fair, the air show, school starting, hayrides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, trick-or-treating, and apple pie.

But I also have an appreciation for the spring. For us, the spring brings daddy's birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, hiking in the state parks, flowers and green after a cold and bitter winter, playing outside again, picnics, butterflies, and birds singing.

Even though I do love summer and winter, I have a tendency to "rush" the seasons when I'm tired of the one we're in. Take now, for instance. Winter has JUST begun and I'm already sick of it. I loathe dropping off and picking up at school with 12 degree weather and a windchill of -3 degrees. It's miserable. We're stuck in the house all the time and the wind hurts your face when you go outside. I have no desire to anything but sleep and watch TV. I'm ready for Spring!

What can I do to put these winter blah's behind me and really enjoy this wintery season before it's gone? Help! :)

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