Monday, January 18, 2010

A trip to the movie theater

When I was in my teens, going to the movies was "the thing" to do. A group of us went almost every Friday night in junior high, and on Saturdays it was the place to go if you were a "couple". There weren't many movies I didn't catch at the theater from 1990-1995, and if I missed it at the theater, I could rent it for 99 cents at our local movie shop a few months later. Because of this, I developed a deep love for movies. I wanted to see every romantic comedy, everything that was nominated for an Oscar, and every Disney movie. This fact helps me so much when we are playing Scene It Movies or Trivial Pursuit.

However, once I got into college, I stopped going as much, and then when I got married and things were tight, we stopped going all together. Throw kids in the mix, and no one to babysit, and here it is 2010 and I've probably only been to the theater once a year for the past 10 years, and Ward has been less than that because I normally only go with my girlfriends.

Over Christmas, my mom came up with the great idea to go see a movie on Christmas Day, so we all went to go see "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep and Alex Baldwin. I LOVED it and it made me miss going to the movies to much. It brought back so many memories. Luckily for me, a girlfriend asked me to the movies for this past weekend and were able to go see "Up in the Air" last night with George Clooney. I absolutely LOVED it and I'm so glad I went.

We had such a good time that we vowed to go to the movies together every other month. If we go on Sundays, it's only $7.95 per person. We can afford that! I was shocked to see that movie prices are up to $11.00 per person in my area. when I was a young teenager (just 20 short years ago) it was only $3 per person. My mom always gave me $5, which bought a small popcorn and a coke. My friend and I went to share a popcorn last night and it cost $19 for a large popcorn and two medium cokes. We about died. Why in the world is it SOOOOO expensive to go to the movies now????

We vowed to sneak our own cokes and candies in next time! :)

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