Thursday, November 19, 2009

When Daddy comes home from work

My day goes by in a blur sometimes. I wake up very early, eat my breakfast and get myself dressed, wake the boys and feed them and help them get dressed, take them to school, come home and work on the computer, do house work, run errands, exercise, go get the boys from school, play with them and help with homework, fix dinner, set the table, and do last minute straightening up before Daddy comes home from work. Sometimes I get in such a hurry to get everything done that I forget why I'm doing it. I'm not doing it because I HAVE to, I'm doing it because I WANT to. I want my kids to grow up remembering playing in our yard after school while I was inside preparing dinner. I want them to remember that I always had a nice dinner on the table, the house looked nice, they always had clean clothes and bedsheets, and I was always around for school events. I want them to feel cherished.

I know I am old-fashioned, but I like for everything to be done when Daddy gets home from work. I make sure that I look nice, the kids are cleaned up, and dinner is just about ready to eat when he gets here. He loves and appreciates that I do this and he tells me often. I think this is the boys' favorite time of day. Our door has a chime on it from the alarm system, and everytime someone opens it we hear a "beep beep beep." The boys get so excited when they hear that chime and they see Daddy come through the kitchen with his briefcase and jacket. They run to him and he picks them both up and it reminds me that this simple life we are leading is the most perfect life I could have ever imagined. And I'll keep right on doing the same routine tomorrow, but I'll pay a little more attention to those small moments, because they'll be grown and gone in a hurry...and someday, the only one who'll run to the door when Daddy comes home from work is me.

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