Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I love the Food Network!

Who doesn't love the Food Network? I discovered it years ago and the first person I saw on there was Paula Deen. I fell in love with her instantly! I must admit that I'm completely addicted to the network and will watch almost anything on it. I try not to spend too much time watching TV because I get easily "sucked in" and before I know it a few hours have passed and I've done nothing around the house and ignored the kids. However, the Food Network is something I found I can keep on in the background without ever really stopping to watch. I love listening to Ina, Paula, Giada, Rachel, Sandra, Guy, Robin, and the Neely's while I cook and clean and play with the boys.

Wally really likes Paula. In fact, when we have our weekly "dates" with each other, he always wants to drink hot chocolate, eat my chocolate chip cookies, and curl up in my bed to watch "2 Paula's". And that's pretty much what we do every time. He especially loves any show that has to do with desserts, and he's recenly discovered Ace of Cakes since it was on one Friday night when he was "spending the night" with us.

I love that my boys show an interest in cooking and I try to get them in the kitchen whenever I can. At this point, it's much easier to get them to help with sweets than anything else, but I'll take what I can get.

What are your favorite shows on the Food Network???

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