Monday, February 8, 2010

Trading furniture

We really need some new diningroom furniture for our every day eating. Our formal diningroom furniture (which hardly ever gets used but is too fancy for our breakfast nook) looks great, but our every day furniture is really on it's last leg. The suite is 30-35 years old and the chairs are very wobbly. We know it's probably time to replace it, but we aren't spending any money since we're on the Dave Ramsey plan and it's not an "emergency".

Well, today, my mom called and asked (for the 10th time) if she could buy the couch that's in our formal livingroom. The reason I have told her "no" repeatedly is because we don't have anything else to put in that room and it would look barren. Well, while talking to her today, I realized I have a big chair and ottoman just taking up space in our master bedroom that could take the place of the couch. I was just going to take the $100 she offered for the couch and put it towards our debt pay-off plan, but I remembered she had an extra dining suite she wasn't using so I offered a trade and she accepted!

We'll be getting our "new" dining suite this weekend!!!

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